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  • Jordan 5 (1:1)-026

    Jordan 5 (1:1)-026 The 5s that I got do not match the shape of real 5s or pic the upper part of the shoe is really tall. the side mesh is dead on rubber but its not long enough or true to the size on the authentic pair... if you replace the laces and lace locks and never wear these with shorts you shoud be ok in them

  • MK Bags Women-210

    MK Bags Women-210 Very nice bag

  • MCM Bags Women-038

    MCM Bags Women-038 This is a very cute bag

  • Authentic Air Jordan 6-021

    Authentic Air Jordan 6-021 The shoe isn't close to be authentic you need to fix this asap to sell this shoe

  • Super Perfect Nike Air Yeezy 2(1:1)-001

    Super Perfect Nike Air Yeezy 2(1:1)-001 Are u still doing the contest?


New Balance MRL996AS

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